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H Frame System comprises of welded rectangular frames fabricated out of 40 NB ‘B’ Class Tubes as 2 Nos. Vertical & 2 Nos. Horizontal members. The top end of the vertical members of the frame are provided with welded inner/outer sockets for joining 2 frames vertically to achieve desirable height. Horizontally these frames are based with each other employing scissor type cross braces secure with the aid of spring clips the bracing need to be provided in alternate bays for attaining scaffold height up to 20 meters. For attaining greater heights, as also for staging of heavier structures these H frames having vertical members of 50NB pipe are used.
Sizes available are 2.10x1.25 mtr., 1.50x1.25 mtr., 1.00x1.25 mtr. & 2.00x1.00 mtr. as also other sizes on request. Cross braces for suitable frame spacing of mtr. mer., mer. As also other sizes n request.